Teambuilding? What is that?

Teambuilding is a modern way of creating bonds between company crews of all sizes and from all industry sectors.  Research shows that this is the best possible financial investment to improve the work quality of a team. The establishment of close relationships can ensure that the workplace will become the second home for the employees and therefore they would not decide to replace it lightly for another one. More and more reputable companies apply this method, which is an indisputable proof of its effectiveness.


Is an 'escape room' suitable for a teambuilding?

Unlike rafting and picnics among nature, visiting an escape room involves some serious intellectual efforts on behalf of the participants. Faced with various difficulties in an unfamiliar environment, they have to give it their best to solve the riddles set before them and get out in less than an hour. They are required to unite their efforts, because on their own and without a good communication between themselves they would not be able to decipher the puzzles. Some will stand out with leadership qualities, while others - with unsuspected to this moment logical thinking. Once they're out, they might even rethink their roles in the office.


What if they fail to get out?

It won't  be the end of the world (actually, according to the game's story itwill be). Even if the members of someteam fail to meet the challenge and to break out, the experience can be incredibly beneficial,as it will revealtheweaknesses that must be overcome. This invaluable lesson canalsobe transferred afterwardsin the work environment. On the other hand, a successful escapewould givethem more confidence in their collective abilities. In any case, they will be left with smiles on their faces and this event will be remembered by themfor a long time.


Why your 'escape room'exactly?

The 'Crystal Skull''sparticipants will be teleported directly intothe Indiana Jones'movies. With his legendaryhat and leather whip in hand they will (almost) literally stand inthe shoes of thepopular American archaeologist. The fans of the series will be left ecstaticby the precision with whichall the interior's details have been thought throughandtheenigmatic story will breaktheir routine inan instant. The feeling cannot be surpassed by any moviewhatsoever, even if it's 3D!

Furthermore, our room has been occupying the number one spotinthe independent website 'Vsichki stai' ('All rooms')for over ayearnow.Hundreds of customers have ratedour set, staff, mysteries and storyat the highest possible level and thanks to them we have the honour to be the leaders among dozens ofworthycontenders for the title:

We almost missed oneveryimportant fact - our location is easily accessible and you won't have to wonder howexactlyto reach us. We arelocatedinthe centre ofSofia, on Knyaz Boris 104, next to the courthouse.


Do you have special conditions for teambuilding events?

Consideringthe importance of such events, we offer price reductions for teambuildings:

Number of participants Normal price for a team Normal price for a participant Price for a teambuilding team

Price for a teambuilding participant


120.00 BGN

60.00 BGN

102.00 BGN

51.00 BGN


140.00 BGN

47.00 BGN

119.00 BGN

40.00 BGN


160.00 BGN

40.00 BGN

136.00 BGN

34.00 BGN


180.00 BGN

36.00 BGN

153.00 BGN

31.00 BGN


200.00 BGN

34.00 BGN

170.00 BGN

28.00 BGN


220.00 BGN

32.00 BGN

187.00 BGN

26.00 BGN


240.00 BGN

30.00 BGN

204.00 BGN

25.00 BGN

These prices apply to team building, which reserves more than one game hour for our Escape Room

Make your teambuilding useful indeed! Welcome to the "Crystal Skull" - the emotions and the memories are guaranteed!