The game and all of the interactions with the objects in the room are completely safe.

• Online - After booking through our online form, our system will offer you several possibilities for payment: credit/debit card, paypal, bpay, epay, bank transfer, or Easypay. If you choose Easypay you will have to pay in an Easypay office where you will be issued a reference code that you must bring to our Escape room. The system will provide you the opportunity to pay the full amount or deposit in the amount of 40 BGN. • On site - in case you decide to make a reservation by phone, the only way to pay will be in cash in our office.

The answer to this question is a definite YES! Our staff will observe your game and if it is necessary will assist in your immediate exiting from the room. The rest of the team can continue playing. If a player must exit the room for any reason, s/he will not be able to re-enter room.

In the contact section of our website you will find a feedback form, and various methods of contacting our team. We are expecting all of your questions, comments and recommendations, as a convenience to you our employees will be as quick and clear with helping you with everything that you need.


The game will challenge you to think creatively and logically, and will require teamwork. But mostly, it is designed for your fun and does not require any specific skills or physical effort.

Our experience shows that teams between 2 and 8 people optimally distribute their challenges so that everyone can leave the game satisfied that they contributed to the team. If you have more than six players, we recommend separating the teams because competition between teams will make the game even more interesting.

We require that all teams arrive at our room 10 minutes before their reserved hour so our operators brief them on the rules of the game. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation, your reservation will be canceled with no refund. An exception can be made only in the event that the hour following your reservation has not been reserved.

"Escape Room" is a relatively new kind of game in which a team of two to six participants enter for 60 minutes in specially prepared premises to re-create real-life situations, complete tasks and decipher codes. The game is very dynamic and emotional—as any proper solution to a mystery should be—and takes players to the next level, offering different challenges and new experiences. Participants can test their own logical, spatial, critical thinking, and observational abilities, as well as their sense of time and team spirit.

The game requires 60 minutes. We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your reserved time so our team can present to you with the instructions and basic rules of the game.

The game ends after solving all the puzzles in it and opening the final door or after 60 minutes.

• People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to enter into the room. • Eating/drinking and smoking are prohibited on site. • Using recorders and mobile devices during the game is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this condition the players will be required to leave immediately.

Anyone with an adventurous spirit who is willing to share experiences with a team can enter the room to attempt to meet the challenge. Young adventurers under 14 must have a companion to accompany them but NOT necessarily to participate in the game. For youngsters under the age of 14, the game can only be played with the presence of an attendant who is involved in the gaming activities.. Our game and its challenges are ready to welcome you, your family, or help your company with team-building.

You can reserve a room by using our online form to select a convenient day and time. You can also make a reservation by phone. You may change your reservation by phone, but no later than 72 hours from the reserved day. Your new time will be selected from the available options on our calendar. Same-day appointments are only available via telephone.

Unfortunately, our room is not adapted for people with disabled motor skills or people who are visually impaired. We are in the process of creating accomodations for their participation. The height of the ceiling in our room is 3.12 m., Our rooms are relatively normal in size and all of them have air conditioning. In the event that your team has a member suffering from claustrophobia or respiratory disease, please contact us.

Your game is supervised by our team and in case of difficulty you will receive tips that will help you continue the game and enjoy the experience through the end of the game.